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“We are close to the wall”: Régine Laurent in Operation Last Chance in Santé Quebec

“We are close to the wall”: Régine Laurent in Operation Last Chance in Santé Quebec

Former Le Bilan contributor Régine Laurent has decided to trade her retirement for a position on the Board of Directors of Health Canada with the goal of helping people in this field provide access to the care Quebecers need. He deserves.

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“In life, I tell myself, it's about choices. I could have stayed on the sidelines and then criticized, but I told myself maybe that's within the team.” [je pourrais] I bring my knowledge of the field and the union culture. She explained in an exclusive interview broadcast on the “Le Belan” program: “At least I will feel good about myself, and I will try to contribute.”

Ms. Laurent will be responsible for strategic planning at the human resources level, an area that governments have forgotten, according to her.

“I've never heard of planning for the people we need to treat, to be in the labs, I've never heard that before, but everywhere else we plan, but why can't we plan our needs in the network and take the necessary steps to get them there? We can't,” she continued. We are living another tragedy.”

Despite her desire to take things forward, the former FIQ president turned down full-time work so she could fulfill her role as a grandmother.

“I know very well what it means to bring this case; Everyone who will be full-time will work 80 hours a week for the next three years. “For me, no, I’ve already given.”

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Operation Last Chance

For the nurse, this project should succeed.

“I don't even want to imagine that we could miss this. In Quebec, the population, we are peaceful, but at some point, they will scream, for good reason! We have the money, we have competent people, we have the technology, we have everything we need to make this work,” she said. “For me, it's like the last chance […] Because if it doesn't work, where will we go? she added.

Regine Laurent hopes for a change in perception of people working in the field as well as in access to care for people in need.

“We are close to the wall, and it has to work […] “We are in the year 2024, and we cannot think like we did in 2008.”