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While sleeping, a homeless man finds himself in a garbage truck

While sleeping, a homeless man finds himself in a garbage truck

A homeless man who was in a dumpster ended up in a garbage truck Monday morning. The tragedy was miraculously averted: the man, who was still alive, did not suffer any injuries.

Octave, 33, was in a deep sleep when he suddenly woke up to a wrecker truck coming to unload the container. He was going to slide into the back of the truck.

He miraculously survived with only one small bandage on his leg.

“I was pushed into the truck, and I did it […] “I fell with the spin a little on my neck, but in the waste, it softened the shock,” he explained to TVA Nouvelles.

“I said to myself: I have to get out of there, I have to do this [quelque chose]“.”

Screenshot, TVA News

Thus, he left the dangerous area where the embers were. He then tried to escape from the truck, but the edge was too slippery. From his cabin, the driver finally saw movement on the security camera in his dumpster, so he stopped and helped Octave out of his unfortunate situation. He told her he wasn't the first this had happened to him. “He told me I was sixth in his career.”

Octave usually avoids this litter to sleep. He is a regular at the Le Havre resource run by Karen Dahan. “He's not at all locked out of our services, he has access to them at all times and he knows it. He makes indoor visits on a very regular basis.”

At Point de rue, Philippe Malcellos and his team are already trying to make homeless people aware of the dangers posed by these garbage containers. “There are a lot of others who are taking risks. A person lying in the parking lot next to a car could get run over. It's dangerous.”

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Homelessness is becoming increasingly present in the inner city. To relieve pressure on lunchtime customers, Point de Rue Restaurant is currently trying to obtain a permit to open its snack bar from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. “They're able to access the bathroom, the toilet, the laundry room, a little rest, a little dish.”

As for Octave, his misadventure gives him the courage to try to take charge of himself. “The good Lord wants to give me a chance to understand something, so I can do something better with my life.”