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Tony Marinaro expects a contract extension this summer

Tony Marinaro expects a contract extension this summer

Over the summer, there are only two players (in my opinion) who will attract attention outside of their restricted free agent status with the Canadiens: Justin Barron and Arber Cicaj.

the others? Let's say these are lower priority files.

And since we're a little suspicious of the demands of Justin Barron, who doesn't have the most power in negotiations, it always comes down to the sheriff, when we talk about summer RFAs.

But that doesn't mean Kent Hughes can't chat to people whose contracts expire in a year. A player on a multi-year contract can sign a contract extension up to 12 months in advance.

Within a year, two names will be at the center of discussions: Kayden Gohle and Juraj Slavkovski.

We know that the Canadian administration is considering investigating the case of the two men, who also met yesterday at the World Championship. This does not mean that the contract will be signed, but it means that the club is considering moving forward with the two young men.

And based on what Tony Marinaro told JiC yesterday on TVA Sports, it wouldn't be surprising to see Slave sign an eight-year long-term contract a year before his contract expires.

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– Eight years, eight million. Why not? -Tony Marinaro

The comparison with Nick Suzuki is important here. After all, Suzuki signed his contract worth $63 million over eight years in 2021. Marc Bergevin didn't wait for the future leader's entry-level contract to expire and quickly awarded him an eight-year contract.

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Today, if he signed, Suzuki would likely be worth just over $7.875 million per year.

Acting this way with the Slovakian (who took big steps forward in 23-24) has its advantages because like Suzuki or like Jack Hughes in New Jersey, not waiting might allow the Canadian not to outgrow the self-imposed salary structure of Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

But two questions still remain.

  • Is it too early to give $64 million to Slave, who had a 50-point season this year?
  • Can he earn more than the captain?

On the other hand, JiC thinks it's too early to give him that. It saw him sign a three-year bridge contract worth a total of $15 million (3X5, so) considering that the striker could earn a huge sum ($12 million per year?) after that.

After all, in his eyes, he couldn't surpass Suzuki now. It is “too early” at the moment to see a player overtaking the leader.

The debate is interesting because it is exactly what CH leaders should be discussing since Slav broke out during the season. Sign him now long-term or wait: that is the question.

At least the good news is that CH doesn't have to decide this summer because Slav's entry-level contract expires in 13 months. There is still time… but the debate must remain. Above all, there must be a question with the player's agent to know Slav's opinion on all this.

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