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The company that bought La Poche Bleue is about to be sold to a Danish company

The company that bought La Poche Bleue is about to be sold to a Danish company

La Poche Bleue (100%) was sold this summer to a company called Playmaker Capital Inc., the same company that bought Daily Faceoff in November 2021.

The initial amount the men received was $2.25 million, but this amount may rise to $8.8 million, as journalist Andre Dubuque explained. Article from La Presse :

Playmaker is paying 8.8 million today: 2.25 million in cash, 1.67 million shares of Playmaker currently worth 1.25 million, and an additional 5 million to be paid over the next two years based on achieving certain financial returns. – Andre Dubuque

It was a big – even huge – sale. The amount is even more impressive in the context that Guillaume Latendresse and Maxime Lapierre founded La Poche Bleue from home (in reality) not long ago, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But now we learn today in Business Wire article Playmaker Capital Inc. is about to be sold (final stages of sale verification) to Better Collective, a European media company from Denmark.

that LPB That this problem is being managed – ultimately and strategically – in Denmark is ironic, in the sense that the Maxim and Guillaume project has always highlighted Quebec blue. But I’m told that all La Poche Bleue employees will remain Quebecers in the end.

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Furthermore, seeing the playmaker sell so quickly after purchasing La Poche Bleue suggests that Lapierre and Latendresse Kosher Faster than expected, at least part of the amount owed to them.

Maxime and Guillaume will have the opportunity to buy back their shares in the game maker’s capital for a total amount of approximately $2 million, or to become shareholders of Better Collective.

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In fact, we can learn in the official press release of the deal that Maxime and Guillaume will have a choice between them Buy back their shares in Playmaker Capital for a total amount of approximately $2 million or Become a participating contributor to Better Collective.

It will be interesting to see if the men will keep the same formula despite the new takeover by Denmark.

However, the sale of La Poche Bleue to Playmaker Capital Inc. Last summer it didn’t sway major shareholders. The product remained the same.

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