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'Racial cheating': Alito agrees with Republicans

'Racial cheating': Alito agrees with Republicans

in Stop By Samuel Alito The conservative majority of the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a South Carolina court decision in which Republican lawmakers in that state unconstitutionally changed electoral district features to weight black voters. Justice Alito concluded that the decision of a lower panel of justices was “manifestly wrong” and that the evidence it relied on was “seriously flawed.”

Remember, the Supreme Court allows “gerrymandering” that favors one party over another. The station Miller v. Johnson However, a 1995 law prohibits “gerrymandering” that dilutes the electoral weight of a group of ethnic minorities. in resolutionJustice Alito acknowledges that many black voters in Charleston were moved to another district after South Carolina's 1st District was redistricted, where Republican Representative Nancy Mace was re-elected in 2022. However, according to the judge, “because of the close connection between race and partisan preferences This fact does little to prove that race, not politics, motivated the legislature's choice.

in Dissenting opinion Supported by her colleagues Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson, progressive Justice Elena Kagan accused Justice Alito of ignoring reality and making up the rest: “The majority chooses the evidence it wants, and ignores or reduces evidence whenever it is less relevant.” It ignores the Commission's rulings on the credibility of witnesses and makes a series of errors regarding expert opinions. The majority says it knows better than the district court what happened in South Carolina's redistricting chamber to form the 1st District. But the evidence is there: page after page of the majority opinion reveals its distance and unfamiliarity with the events and evidence at the heart of this case. »

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In short, according to Kagan, Alito had it all in reverse, perhaps in the same way he flew the American flag upside down over his property in Virginia.

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