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Professional exam |  Quebec issues an ultimatum to the nurses’ union and imposes a monitor

Professional exam | Quebec issues an ultimatum to the nurses’ union and imposes a monitor

(Montreal) The government is running out of patience with the Quebec nurses’ union (OIIQ) in the saga surrounding the professional exam. Minister Sonia LeBel gave him an ultimatum on Tuesday and directly threatened to impose conservatorship.

In a letter published on Platform

This person will have the mandate to “ensure that necessary adjustments are made” by the organization.

In a second letter, the minister insists that this is “the last chance for the Investigation and Inspection Authority to prove its ability to act.”

If the actions taken by the order are not considered adequate in light of the independent monitor’s observations, supervision awaits the OIIQ.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Minister LeBel explained that the observer has not yet been named, but this should not take long. This person will have real agency and will report his or her observations to the Careers Office every 30 days.

If progress does not meet expectations, the minister says she is ready to impose oversight. Therefore, this controller will ensure that inventory is documented in order to justify any potential governance takeover.

“This is the last chance for the regime to act on its own based on the commissioner’s recommendations,” she warned.

Sonia LeBel explicitly asserts that she doubts OIIQ’s ability to act and govern itself properly. It says it is taking these measures to ensure the protection of the public and to maintain credibility and trust in the professional system.

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Following the three investigation reports issued by the Professions Admissions Commissioner, the OIIQ continues to maintain that its examination is not solely responsible for the abnormally high failure rates in the September 2022 and March 2023 sessions.

However, the latest progress report from Commissioner MH Andre Gariepy concludes that there is nothing to link these failures to insufficient virtual training as claimed by the OIIQ. From the beginning of the saga, the command viewed the failures as a result of the effects of the pandemic on the training of candidates.

Moreover, in an open letter published on Monday, President Luc Mathieu continues to suggest that the pandemic was an important factor despite the commissioner’s conclusions.

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