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Coffield vs. Nylander?  Sports VAT

Coffield vs. Nylander? Sports VAT

Can you trade Coffield to the Maple Leafs for William Nylander?

Toronto journalist Michael Tricus claimed on the podcast Canadians Connect That the potential return for Nylander would be astronomical should the Swede trade.

Tricus was answering a question from a listener regarding the possibility of a first line consisting of Coffield, Nick Suzuki and Nylander in Montreal.

“[En cas de transaction] Canadiens fans won’t love coming back! “I think the names of Coffield, Slavkowski and Goule will be in the discussions,” Traikos said.

Moreover, the journalist believes that CH does not need Nylander’s services and that the club’s current core is solid.

Who covered the Maple Leafs for National Post He also warns his supporters.

“Nylander is a dynamic player, has good skating skills and can score. But sometimes he can fade away for two weeks and become invisible.

Traikos believes the Swede is looking for a contract worth $9-10 million a year. He suggests the Flyers, Penguins, and Capitals as possible destinations if the Maple Leafs decide to trade him.

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