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Class action lawsuit against Apple: Customers could be compensated

Class action lawsuit against Apple: Customers could be compensated

A settlement agreement in a class action lawsuit against Apple Canada that was approved a few weeks ago allows for compensation for some customers since Friday.

The settlement agreement, approved by the Quebec Supreme Court on March 19, 2024, stipulates that Apple Canada will pay a total of six million dollars, which includes paying the fees of the lawyers who led the class action request and who will receive 30% of this amount, according to the “consumerwarrantyclassaction” website. com”.

So, according to Apple data, members who, between December 20, 2015 and January 26, 2023, purchased an AppleCare or AppleCare+ plan for a product in Quebec – such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod and MacBook – will automatically receive $25 for each contract purchased in the Apple Store. In Quebec.

Additionally, eligible customers will receive an approval notification containing their claim number and PIN, which is useful for filing a claim online to claim a higher amount that can correspond to up to 50% of their purchase.

Customers will receive these payments via wire transfer to their last email address known to Apple.

consumer protection

The Supreme Court authorized a class action on behalf of Raphael Bedoui against Apple Canada in July 2019. The company was accused of failing to respect the Consumer Protection Act.

The class action lawsuit blamed Apple for violating its obligation to inform consumers of the limited life of rechargeable batteries compared to the life of the iPhone when purchasing that device, as well as failing to “inform customers of the legal warranty.”

Apple denied all allegations in the class action lawsuit.

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