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Biden and Harris: an impossible dilemma

Biden and Harris: an impossible dilemma

Robert Hoare, the special prosecutor in charge of investigating the secret documents in Joe Biden's possession, recommends that the president not be prosecuted due to the deterioration of his intellectual abilities. In particular, he describes him as “a nice old man with a bad memory.”

Although he did not explicitly state that Biden had dementia, the symptoms described by Hoare leave little room for interpretation. His report had a bombshell effect on a global scale.


But what is appalling is not the report's devastating conclusions, but rather that it took so many years before someone dared to say out loud what had been blatantly obvious for so long.

Since the 2020 election campaign, Mr. Biden has shown troubling and recurring signs of mental confusion. Even a brief compilation of his inexplicable chatter and mutterings is enough to convince him that he is unfit to rule.

but whatever. Those who have been willfully blinded or who keep an open secret are a great crowd.

Today, while the king is naked, his removal should be on the agenda. But this is not the issue.

Biden supporters continue to resort to massive intellectual distortions to mitigate the president's cognitive deficits and justify that he remains one of the most powerful men in the world.

This says a lot, not about the President, but about the Vice President, Kamala Harris! Because if Biden is impeached, the Constitution stipulates that Ms. Harris will automatically replace him.


However, by his hideous remarks and bursts of laughter that were as bizarre as they were inappropriate, MI Harris has proven his emptiness, and we can easily understand his historical unpopularity.

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Choosing between Biden and Harris is like choosing between the plague and cholera. He also does not have the intellectual capabilities necessary to occupy the Oval Office. But then the question arises: Who really rules the United States?