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5 kitchen accessories for apple season

5 kitchen accessories for apple season

Very round, into quarters, sliced, in puree, in juice, in salads, in savory dishes, in desserts, glazed with sugar… Devour the apple in all its forms this fall!

Apple is heartless

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Equipped with a lever that allows the tool to be separated into two parts, the Cuisipro apple corer easily releases the apple core, which does not get stuck in the attachment. The space created in the center of the fruit can then be filled with nuts, maple sugar and a little butter, before placing the apple in the oven to soften it and blend the flavours. > $15.97

Immediately cut off, immediately emptied

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With the Ricardo Apple Cutter, our favorite fruit is quickly cut and safely cored instantly. The 16 apple slices obtained can be enjoyed as a snack or to decorate a generous pie with fall flavors. Apple fans will appreciate its stainless steel blades, ergonomic handles, and blade guard for safe storage. > $17.99

Three steps in one

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Transform your production of apple puree or apple pie into a real factory with this tool that allows you to peel and slice an apple in seconds, simply by turning the lever. Its base has a suction cup that holds it on smooth surfaces, while its adjustable blades provide the best possible cut. > $46.50

Apple mountain

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Using an automatic peeler like this one from Starfrit makes it easy to prepare a large batch of apples. All you have to do is place the fruit on the base and turn the crank so that a very thin layer of skin is removed, preserving as much fruit as possible. The ejector then allows you to easily remove the peeled apple. This accessory has a spring-loaded arm that adapts to the shape of the fruit, an anti-slip suction base and two stainless steel blades.

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Apple juice

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Enjoy freshly extracted apple juice while maximizing your vitamin and mineral intake with this Juice Fountain™ Cold from Breville (850W, 2 speeds) that limits heat transfer during extraction. By placing a whole apple in the 7.5 cm feeding tube, its juice will fall into a 2 liter jug ​​with foam separator (or directly into a cup), while the pulp will be collected in a 3.6 liter jug. > $299.99