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$150,000 to update the store and café area

$150,000 to update the store and café area

health. SSS Energy Foundation will invest $150,000 in the Laflèche Accommodation Center. In order to renovate the Aux 4 vents boutique and café area.

These spaces are located near the new entertainment room that opened last February (Salle Harmonie). This mobilization project dedicated to residents and their families will be implemented thanks to the Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation.

“Announcing this news in our community caused a great wave of joy and pride! The redevelopment of the café and boutique space was a project we were looking forward to. Thanks to the methods taken by the SSS Foundation, Energy Foundation and the great generosity of the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation, this project will finally see the light.

The Aux 4 vents gift shop and café area have been operating for several years in the Laflèche accommodation centre, with the support of volunteer helpers. More recently, the service offering has been improved by incorporating small home-cooked meals. All profits generated by these facilities have always been reinvested to improve the care and quality of life of residents.

As the space became small and outdated, a project to modernize it was born. The major contribution of the Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation will not only be to provide better service to users, but will also create a new gathering place for residents and their loved ones. A more attractive space as it is suitable for spending time in addition to being a bright and warm place that provides a different décor than the décor of the units in which the residents reside.

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“If the SSS de l'Énergie Foundation has been able to realize so many projects in Shawinigan, it is because it has the advantage of being able to count on incredibly generous partners such as the Mirella Foundation and Lino Saputo. Their desire to support organizations that work with older people as well as their desire to Acting as a local player allows them to respond to major challenges. “We are very grateful to them,” added Amelie Vallée, Director General of the SSS Energy Foundation.