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Zoom adds live translation and launches into virtual reality

Zoom adds live translation and launches into virtual reality

Zoom has just introduced several new features to appear in its app during the annual Zoomtopia conference. The video conferencing platform has unveiled a new version of its whiteboard and indicated that it wants to expand the translation and automatic transcription capabilities of its app.

A more complete whiteboard and in virtual reality

The new version of Zoom Whiteboard can be accessed from the web and from the Zoom client. It can be used during a meeting or in a classic chat room and can be shared among colleagues by email, within a Zoom chat with a specific contact, or in a discussion channel. This new version of the whiteboard will allow collaborators to paste virtual sticky notes, add comments, and even control different modified versions of the document.

The service also said it is working with the team behind Oculus at Facebook to integrate the whiteboard into Horizons Workrooms, the collaborative workspace in virtual reality. Zoom plans to start rolling out the new version of the whiteboard in beta that can be accessed by the end of the year.

Real-time translation and transcription in more languages

The video conferencing platform also revealed its intent to expand its translation and transcription capabilities to support its users worldwide to take full advantage of its tool without being held back by the language barrier.

Also to discover the video:

Thus, automatic transcription will reach about thirty languages ​​(and no longer only in English) and this will be accompanied by the publication of live translation in twelve languages. These functions should be extended within 2022.

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