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"Zero-Govt" strategy in Australia: "You feel like you are in an open prison"

“Zero-Govt” strategy in Australia: “You feel like you are in an open prison”

With 915 people affected by Govt-19, the “Zero-Govid” health strategy adopted by Australia is often an example. But by closing its borders, the island has cut itself off from the world. Policy that does not please people.

“When you arrive at the airport, there is a full paperwork to fill out. During the package check-in, when you are issued an air ticket, the flight attendants have your passport. An airport manager can call the Interior Ministry to find out if you have the right to leave the country. They only release you after confirmation, and they do that to every passenger. “

Camille, a young Franco-Australian, testifies to the spontaneity of the “Zero-Govt” strategy adopted by the Australian government on his return to France. Canberra’s health administration has long been praised for its good results in epidemics Even more ridiculous In some respects the spread of Govt-19 seems inevitable.

According to local officials, Current outbreak in Sydney “National EmergencyNew South Wales, the nation’s largest city, announced on July 23 that 136 new cases had been identified in 24 hours, a record since the wave began in June, with 1,782 people polluted.

Australia, the model to really follow?

With only 915 deaths and 32,269 pollution cases, Australia is a good student with its New Zealand neighbors, citing only 2,835 pollution cases and 26 deaths. These concrete results are essentially the result of a very tight closure of the vast island-continent’s borders.

«Australians have no right to leave the country as the borders are closed2, confirms our narrator. After all, Canberra is a bilingual language that is considered Australian. “Exceptional recognition“Given the list of the most specific forced cases to leave the territory in February 2021.”I wanted to come back and told them I wanted to settle firmly in France“, He says, his request was accepted after two months of administrative procedures and a mandatory PCR test at $ 100 local.

“When you complete your application, the Australian Government tells you that if anything happens to you abroad it is not your responsibility. They will not come and receive you and you have no right to return to Australia for three months. ”

The 35,000 Australians who have been stranded abroad for a year and a half know something about this. In April, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison banned his 9,000 nationals from returning from India, and then, amid the epidemic, banned them from returning to the country due to severe fines – A $ 66,600 (approximately 42,000 euros) and up to five years in prison. The Conservative leader, who faced international outcry, finally reconsidered his statements.

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Hard policy has consequences, however, especially in sports. On July 22, Australia and New Zealand announced that they would not Will not participate 2021 Rugby League World Cup scheduled for England due to fear “For the health of the players and their safetyLinked to infection. Nevertheless, Philip Lemoin, who holds a PhD in Logic and Scientific Philosophy from Cornell University in the United States, believes that the scope of this “Zero-Govt” strategy leaves much to be desired. Interviewed for Global Disorder.

“The strategy they put forward was to partially anchor the notion that the virus’s cycle was a failure. The problem is that the virus is spreading to other parts of the world. At one point or another, it’s going back to Australia and New Zealand, and it’s going to spread there.”

When the vaccine is too slow – only 12% of the Australian population is vaccinated. Thus the country is not planned to reopen Until July 2022. Tourism is a strategy that undermines the economy, but also agriculture, mining and restaurants, which are highly dependent on work holiday visas. Fewer than 40,000 people with these visas are currently in Australia, up from 150,000 before Covid-19 ABC Stats. The famous “backpackers” generally represent 80% of the workers in agriculture.

“Hotels designated by the government and protected by the police”

Face this message “The spread of serious diseaseCanberra announced on July 2 that it would drastically reduce the number of passengers allowed to enter the country. With half of Australia’s population under control, the government has halved its attendance, or allowed 6,000 a week to return to the region. These will be subject to mandatory two-week isolation. “At your expense», According to Kamil. About 3,000 Australian dollars or 1,880 euros. Fifteen days pass. “Hotels designated by the government and protected by the police“. Clarity:”You are not allowed to leave your room for two weeks and can be fed once a day.What deceives the dream trip to the island of Paradise beaches. “You feel like you are in an open-air prison2, confirms our narrator.

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What motivates some to try great escape. A photo of the Australian fleeing through his hotel window on July 19 with sheets tied around his bed is all over the world. Tested negative for Covit-19, which illegally crossed the border into Western Australia from Queensland.

In fact, Australia has a long history of border controls. The country, known for its highly determined elected immigration policy, has been setting up detention camps for illegal immigrants in the Pacific Islands and pushing asylum seekers’ boats out to sea since 2013. In one Ficaro’s informative article, A foreigner in Brisbane testifies:

“Crossroads Australians are very happy with the current situation. They see what is happening in other parts of the world and it scares them. When we live here almost normally, the economy is doing better … their comrades are stuck abroad, they don’t care.”

Kamil, who arrived on Australian soil in November 2019, is delivering a similar speech. If the internal health measures in the states are as bright as wearing a mask at random, allow it. “Live almost naturally“, தி”The most painful thing is the fact that eventually you will not be able to leave the country, visit or return home.», The young man concludes.