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Zendaya's hair transformation

Zendaya’s hair transformation

An overview of Zendaya’s many hairstyles, the queen of elegance.

In just a few short years, Zendaya He became a staple of his generation. An ambassador for fashion, jewelry and beauty houses (Valentino, Bulgari, Lancôme…), the 25-year-old actress is a figure widely followed by her community of fans for her unique style. Whether it is with her clothes, makeup or hairstyles, the American star knows how to create surprises and diversify pleasures.

On the red carpet for official events, whether for movie premieres, charity ceremonies, or even award nights, the star of “Euphoria” and Marvel movies “Spider-Man” It always comes out with a new twist, to the point that its output will never be the same. Long, curly, afro, colored blonde, brown or red hair, braided or curly, Zendaya is having a blast. His makeup artist too.

“It’s really about trying, failing, and trying again.”

In November 2020, during an interview with “British VogueZendaya admitted that she learned a lot from the professional hairstylists and makeup artists she worked with. “I just watched them at work. If I liked the way someone did my eyebrows, I’d just watch how they did it and try again at home. Over time, learning how to apply makeup consisted of using different techniques and products that I liked. Then it was all about trial and error. “I’d step on the red carpet and look at pictures later. Sometimes I was like, ‘Oh, I look like a ghost,’ so I’m fixing it next time. She said it’s really about trying, failing, and trying again.”

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