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Zebra hunting is unlikely near the US capital

Zebra hunting is unlikely near the US capital

For nearly two months, two zebras were frolicking a few dozen kilometers from Washington, and they succeeded in planting the officials who set out to chase them. Failed to hunt animals, this week the owner was charged with ill-treatment.

These horses, more adapted to wildlife in Africa than in the US state of Maryland, escaped in late August from the farm where they lived. Three of them regained their freedom, but one was found dead last week.

“He fell into a trap and succumbed to his injuries in early September,” said a statement from Prince George’s County, where authorities are struggling to find the fugitives.

Its owner, Jerry Holly, was charged with “animal cruelty” on Wednesday. The indictment issued by the local public prosecutor said the escaped zebras “did not receive adequate food, water or veterinary care” and were “in danger, as one of them has been proven dead”.

“The owner tried to capture the zebras but was unable to do so and they have been on the run for 54 days now,” further details the document.

According to the document, the animals “pose a danger to people who approach them and to road drivers.”

Since their escape, these local celebrities have made regional media happy and amusing the county’s residents, who have made regular appearances on social networks.

Joshua Dubois, a former White House official under Barack Obama, recounted in September that his son “told him quietly + Dad, I saw zebras +”. “Bubble. A zebra in the Maryland wild,” he tweeted, with a video clip showing a zebra trotting.

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The latest attempt to capture the four-legged rebels: using … “other zebras”, as well as food, in the hope of attracting them, defines Prince George’s province.

Once the zebras are “caught”, an “additional investigation” will be conducted, authorities have promised.