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YouTube forces Groovy music bot to feud

YouTube forces Groovy music bot to feud

The web giant, which owns YouTube, sent a letter to the Groovy team asking them to stop offering the service within seven days, or else face prosecution.

We have notified the Groovy team of violations of our Terms of Service, particularly in connection with the modification and use of the Service for commercial purposes., a YouTube spokesperson wrote to The Verge.

Nick Amirlan, owner of the program, announced on Discord that he has decided to comply with YouTube’s request, believing that A matter of time before the video site attacked him.

The team has been considering this decision for some time now and unfortunately there is no option that includes Groovy.

Quote from:Nick Amerlan

The Groovy bot, which also works with Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer and other services, allowed internet users to organize listening evenings remotely. This tool has been around for about five years, but has seen tremendous enthusiasm during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The end of musical bots on Discord?

This decision suggests that other music bots – such as Octave, Hydra and Chip – may soon suffer the same fate.

However, this is not in the plans of the most famous, Rythm, which has about 20 million installs on Discord servers. The co-owner of Rythm also assured his community that he has no intention of stopping his activities.

We take the rights of others very seriously and ask the development teams that create bots for Discord to do the same.

Quote from:Discord spokesperson

Groovy will cease its activities on August 30. People who purchased a subscription will be compensated, according to the team behind the bot.

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