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‘You’re Good for Nothing’: Patricia Paquin has been receiving hate mail for years

‘You’re Good for Nothing’: Patricia Paquin has been receiving hate mail for years

“A real bunch of idiots, you and your family.” “Even if your appearance of intelligence is useless to you, you are good for nothing. Only bad at everything.”

For years, Patricia Paquin has received angry letters in her personal inboxes.

For the professional host, it’s as if someone knocked on her door without being invited to hurl insults at her head.

viral video

Over the years, the 54-year-old has claimed to have “owned it all, read it all”.

From messages like “You piss me off, I hate you” to unusual requests (nylon stockings she allegedly wore, for example, a request from an amateur footsex) to photos of her genitalia. Men and women to comment on their weight.

In April 2022, the host had had enough and posted a video aimed at slandering detractors (and detractors) allowing themselves to be judged on her appearance and that of public figures.

A leaflet advocating benevolence – especially among women – soon spread far and wide.

Patricia Paquin says it worked for her.

For the host, mean comments about the female characters’ physical appearance are a disaster.

For her, these comments are insidious because they add to the already strong pressure to evolve in an environment where image and appearance are important.

“Obviously you come home and start asking yourself questions, you’ve already confided in me register. I think it’s reckless and people think they can say anything when it hurts so much.

“In addition to social networks that glorify youth, beautiful skin, a beautiful body, a decent life, the importance of playing sports and always feeling good about yourself…”

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Today, in this virtual whirlwind, his entourage has chosen to adopt an “I don’t care” approach. His parents don’t hesitate to network and his friend (chief animator Louis-François Marcotte) is “completely in the torch”.