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Your voice calls will have a different destination

Your voice calls will have a different destination

Innovations no longer stop at instant messaging. WhatsApp has started rolling out the new voice calling interface to a few beta testers.

WhatsApp on iPhone

Source: Frandroid

In the face of the rise Telegram and other signalsWhatsApp wants to become the primary and above all versatile instant messaging service. In addition to constantly enhancing its security, the Meta app multiplies the added functions and update dates to be more attractive than ever.

Before Access emoji reactionsFrom Easy to send videos and photosor even Voice messages are easier to listen toVoice calls will benefit from the small improvements that are now beginning to be made available to the general public.

With WhatsApp, you can make voice calls, as well as video calls with one or more interlocutors at the same time. This was all done through an interface that hasn’t changed much since 2018 and the introduction of group calling.

Gradual deployment in beta

A few weeks ago, the site WABetaInfo I noticed a change in the application code, especially New interface under development To update voice calls. At the time, it was only related to the iOS version and appeared fairly basic.

This same specialized site to scan the slightest improvement or innovation tested on WhatsApp this time found a more complete version on Android. She is in progress publish beta on Android.

The new interface for voice calls on WhatsApp

The new voice call interface on WhatsApp // Source: WABetaInfo

So far, the background of the voice calls has been dark and clear. It can be decorated with small gray boxes with rounded corners with the name of your interlocutor in the middle as well as his possible photo and the duration of the ongoing call. In the background, it will be your choice of chat background that will appear. A wave appears in the box of each participant in the call when they are speaking.

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Note that this new interface for voice calls is starting to appear in the beta version of WhatsApp on Android. It must have been activated for the redesign to appear. Not all beta users are affected yet. The iOS release should follow gradually.

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