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Your urine can detect a brain tumor

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Nagoya University recently demonstrated that a simple urine test can detect brain tumors. A breakthrough in the early diagnosis of crabs.

It is difficult to identify a brain tumor in its early stage. Currently, only one CT scan and one IR MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) allows for an accurate diagnosis. And these means can be used only after observing nervous disorders, such as difficulty moving or speaking. But at this point, it is often too late to address the tumor.

So scientists have been working on easier, cheaper, and more accurate ways to detect brain tumors early enough to intervene. In particular, they dug around microRNAs, which are seen as potential indicators of tumorigenesis. 1he is April 2021, researchers suggested, in Applied Materials and ACS Interfaces, to use urine tests as a diagnostic tool.

The simple test is 100% effective.

Until then, this method had not been introduced because the technology did not allow the extraction of fine particles from urine. So the researchers developed a suitable device. It is equipped with 100 million zinc oxide nanowires, which can be autoclaved and mass-produced. They make it possible to extract microRNAs in large quantities and with diversity.

With the application of this technology, they were able to test the effectiveness of microRNAs as biomarkers by comparing samples from people with or without brain tumors. The result showed a discrimination with a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 97% regardless of tumor size and malignancy. A big step forward for cancer research.