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Your Majesty is exhausted!

Your Majesty is exhausted!

The platinum jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II will end today.

London will rejoice and witness the frail king in soft blue on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. About Her Majesty, almost clinging to the ropes: her cousin the Duke of Kent, who is ten years her junior, then Charles, who seems fragrant beside Camilla, and finally, the handsome and young Cambridge, surrounded by their adorable children.

No balcony for Harry and Meghan

Having decided to immigrate to California, they are no longer active members of the royal family.

Grandma had a hard time getting the benefit of a little ‘TV therapy’ session with Pope Oprah Winfrey.

As for Andrew, who is officially ill, his mother assigned him to think about his room.

Steps to avoid a sexual assault trial in the United States must have cost him a few rivers of diamonds. She had her cup of tea full.

– ” awful dearMy dogs are much less trouble! »

The power of nature

During these seventy years, Elizabeth II had kept her oath to rule until the end of her life, and that without ever revealing what it would cost her.

Whether one is for or against the monarchy, the lady commands respect.

Omar There is no explanation if there is no grumbling In other words: Shut up, Lilibeth, and endure!

A principle that other members of the royal family could not adhere to so rigorously.

We may have witnessed the last public appearance of this great king who will take with her a whole piece of history…

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When I saw her weak, but dignified, leaning on her cane, I reflected that Her Majesty had been crowned as Prime Minister under Winston Churchill, and may have been buried under Boris Johnson. Unfortunately