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Your horoscope for November 2023

Your horoscope for November 2023

Libra (September 24 to October 23)


During this month, you will encounter people whose overflowing emotions may sometimes disturb you. Your intuition is like a shield that will push you to stay away from these negative energies. Fortunately, this month will not only be synonymous with avoidance: an important meeting may awaken deep feelings within you and remind you of the joy of falling in love. If you are already a couple, the relationship will undergo a beautiful transformation and thus you will experience a pleasant transformation. However, it is worth noting that recent eclipses have created disruptions not only in our personal lives, but also on a global scale. A tense alignment between Pluto and Mars, two planets with a combative nature, can exacerbate these tensions by stimulating impulsive behavior and raw emotions. If world news is affecting your spirits, find comfort in music, cinema, or spending time with friends who will lift your spirits.

Work and money

The waters can be very turbulent and a tsunami can sweep in without warning. In short, drastic changes, such as layoffs, company closures, strikes and so on. However, know that there is a major shift underway, which will ultimately work to your advantage. A boss or company sees added value in you, so you will move forward with many of your projects and will be able to count on this important support. The budget necessary to achieve your ambitions may be necessary at the beginning of the month. However, keep hope, because between November 17 and 27, you will witness a sudden and beneficial shift in the situation.

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