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Your Google account will be deactivated if it has been inactive for two years

The Google Account will notify affected individuals via email (including a recovery email address), with a reminder to sign in to their account in order to keep it active. Netizens will have 60 days to continue.

Once deactivated, it will still be possible to reactivate your account for another 60 days, before permanent deletion.

The full cancellation doesn’t just affect your Gmail inbox: all your Docs, Drive, YouTube, Photos, Meet, Calendar, and other data. The account associated with it will disappear.

A measure of cyber security

The company says this is a privacy protection measure. These accounts often don’t have two-factor authentication, and their passwords haven’t been updated for a long time, which makes them more vulnerable to hacking.

Note, however, that doing so would also allow Google to free up storage space on its servers, which would reduce costs for the company, which recently laid off 12,000 people worldwide.

How to keep your account active

To keep their account active, Internet users can read or send an email, use Google Drive, watch a YouTube video, download an app from the online Google Play Store, use the search engine or even the calling function from the Google account on the Google Play service. third party.

The easiest way to keep your Google account active is to sign in at least once every two years. ยป

Quote from Ruth Krichelli, Vice President of Google

The giant plans to start cracking down on inactive personal accounts no later than December 2023. Commercial accounts have been excluded.

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