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Young people are at the center of an unlikely streak of CH victories

Young people are at the center of an unlikely streak of CH victories

House confinement then extracted these gains from pain and misery, in suffering and chaos, and seemed unable to provide continuous play. The team approached disaster in Alberta, and fatigue was building up just as quickly as sufferers.

The CH team has now achieved three consecutive wins, for the first time since April 1, and only three wins this season.

To use Philip Danault’s words, so vital after his 3-2 overtime win over the same Leaves Monday night, It is a good time.

Good time to bring down the Calgary fires. A good time to catch up with the Jets, as the two teams are now on par with the tiebreak for Winnipeg.

Above all, it is the right time to land the cavalry as reinforcements, which have the annoying habit of always being late.

It’s not just about Cole Caufield here, even if the defector has all the machine guns the Canadians lack, having scored an extra goal in overtime in several matches.

There is Caufield of course, but there is also Nick Suzuki, who apparently finally reached the other end of the rather dark tunnel where one thought he had lost it at times. There is also Alexander Romanov. The Russian defender learns the hard way sometimes, as was the case in this match, but he is making progress. And there’s Geoff Petrie. Less young, but closely related to the success of Montreal residents for a few years now.

It took an administrative chaos from Kafka before he could see Caufield in the NHL. Since he got there, the young man has proven that his place is there.

Dominic Ducharme has often emphasized that he does not attach much importance to the trio’s scheduled confrontations. Partially true, but he knows how to protect a young player. Obviously, in the prime of his 20 years (and his three apples), Cofield essentially sees action against the third and fourth opposing units.

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On the contrary, the coach takes advantage of the strength of the young winger and constantly sends him to the strength game, and for the second night in a row, to overtime. Its use is well thought out.

You have to take a pulse of this in every game. It depends on who you’re playing, and who’s up against it. What kind of evening he knows […] It is important to place young people in situations in which they can be successfulDucharme explained by video link after the meeting.

This patience and audacity of the coach has allowed Caufield to shine so far.

He may be short, but he loves the big moments. he have Christie To throw.

Quote from:Philip Danault on Cole Caufield

The novice must be able to stay with the team for a few more matches. Thomas Tatar and Paul Byron will have to return to force the Canadian to make a decision between Jake Evans and Caufield, which may be a lot more complicated than the fireworks by Stephens Point’s team would suggest.

But once in the qualifiers, how can the club be deprived of that momentum, which has recovered partially since these two players were in the starting line-up? There is no better way to join a team than Cofield does now and see the reaction of his teammates, Bilbo has already been adopted, as they called him.

Men have been so good for me he made me feel good right from the start, He said.

For his part, Nick Suzuki has resumed his youthful vibe first, the class scientist, the model student who was in the bubble last summer.

Moreover, he and Caufield side by side, the perfect picture of CH’s future, is not all that Mark Bergevin envisioned to allow his team to become a great team again, driven by this lovely young man and firmly anchored in the base. Double-headed Carrie Price and Chia Weber?

For now, young children are running without veterans which may be more encouraging.

With three assists on Monday, Suzuki now has 10 points in his last 6 matches.

Cofield said he was impressed by the consistency of the midfielder. This trait may have shocked him in the five little games he played in the NHL, but the point is that Suzuki is still searching for the cornerstone of that mysterious quality that often remains elusive for many players.

The 21-year-old Ontarian has 12 points in his first 12 games of the season in addition to the aforementioned 10-to-6 streak. In between, he got 15 points in 33 games. Nothing exciting, yet far from its potential.

Take a mark. It’s hard to be consistent night after night in the NHL. He wants to win, he wants to make a difference, and he does.

Quote from:Philip Danault on Nick Suzuki

Last year, I was a little protected. Now I’m entrusted with anything. I struggled in the middle of the season, but I want to keep learning and improvingSuzuki said.

His recovery has come since he played in a particularly balanced trio with Tyler Toffoli and Joel Jeremiah, and simultaneously with Jeff Petrie on that matter, also in an excellent eight-point streak in his last five matches.

This boom also enhanced numerical advantage. The Formidable Attack is running at 29% efficiency (7 versus 24) over the last eight matches, a good third in the league during that period.

Not to mention that Montreal signed these three victories after it made up for the often-doubles-late in each of these meetings.

For CH everything falls into place as it starts at midnight to midnight. Josh Anderson said there is no key to finding a quality game, it is built with patience.

Montreal looks set to get there, all in the absence of six important players. Ducharme risks having to juggle a lot of employees soon and he won’t have much room for error in this incomplete task entrusted to him in the middle of the season.

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On the one hand, these negotiations are not about hobbyists who finally have something to rejoice in seeing Suzuki fulfill the grandiose expectations set in him, and Caufield is already ready to break the doors of the National League.

One thought took over all the others when we saw the rookie score the match-winning goal on Monday night. And to think that there was no one in the stands to see it …

a lot of

Jesperi Kotkaniemi passes a bad line. The Finn only had one assist in 14 matches and had no specific role since the numerous injuries in the attack. Ducharme put him again to the left of Danault and Josh Anderson, who nevertheless came up with a clash against the Matthews Trio.

It didn’t go well, so much so that the coach stopped him in the second half of the third half as well as in overtime. He was not injuredWhen asked what explains this decision, Dusharme said.

Incidentally, Suzuki is now cruising at 60 points in an 82-game season. Not bad for a second year position.

The evening was especially difficult for Alexander Romanov. After six turns as he gave the disc to the opponent, including one that led to the first base of the deck, we stopped counting. After spending 21 and 23 minutes on the ice in his last two games, the full-back was demoted from second to third defensive duo and had to stabilize at 13:43 in playtime. These things will happen with a junior defensive player.

Geoff Petrie has reached a 40-point plateau for the fourth year in a row. His height is 46 years which is seemingly out of reach this year, but he has reached it in 82 matches. This time, he scored 40 in 51 matches, and with a cruising speed of 64 points carried over to the regular season.