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You will finally find your games much easier

You will finally find your games much easier

Google has announced a new, redesigned interface for Stadia. Among the expected new functions are the arrival of the search bar on the web version, the sharing of easy family games and more social interactions.

The search bar has finally arrived on Google Stadia

The search bar finally arrives at Google Stadia // Source: Google

Since its launch at the end of 2019, Google Stadia It has never updated its interface as a whole. Some improvements here and there, but nothing important. Google on Tuesday revealed in its blog the following features that will gradually emerge and that respond to players’ opinions.

More readable interface

Among the new features, the cloud gaming service has already indicated the arrival of the search bar on this week’s web version for all gamers. An option that players have been impatiently waiting for for a long time to be able to see it more clearly in its game library, but also in its proposed catalog.

The new interface will make your library more readable and make it easier to choose games that you can share with the family members associated with your account. It will also be published in the next few days.

Decide which games you want to share with your family

Select the games you want to share with your family // Source: Google Stadia

Classification will then be possible according to genres, or Stadia Pro games, purchased or free.

More social interactions

Google Stadia has indicated that new features will be available soon. They are fruit ” Community requestsThe latter specifically called for more interactions. Therefore, Mountain View is working on a series of activities so that you can better visualize your friends and their games.

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In this activity feed, you will also be able to view your video footage and add a Share the country to invite your friends In your game or watch the content of your friends’ games to access it directly (or buy it).

Google Stadia adds an activity feed with your friends' information

Google Stadia adds an activity thread with your friends’ info // Source: Google

Knowing that it’s not always easy to find and manage screenshots, Google will make it easy to manage your photo and video library. It will soon be possible to locate and delete your snaps more easily than the web version of Stadia, as well Your state share data.

You can now delete multiple video and screen captures

You can now delete multiple video and screen captures // Source: Google Stadia

All of these functions are in the process of being developed, and he insisted on defining Google Stadia which of course made a point like this. distance Add the service on iOSAnd the Upcoming LG TVs And even on Microsoft Edge from Xbox, even in The promise of 100 titles in 2021The cloud gaming service emphasizes the user experience in order to facilitate access to its games.