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You remember… mystical on Amstrad CPC – THM Magazine

You remember… mystical on Amstrad CPC – THM Magazine

Developed by Infogrames, Mystical is a game that puts the player in the shoes of a magician, called Supreme Magician. The latter will have to face various enemies and travel from the swamps of the eternal pestilence marches to the Garden of Eden. And our magician, Turk182, remembers it.

In the age of 4K, ray tracing, and 60 (or 120) frames per second, it’s nice to go back to our video games from yesteryear, the ones we still enjoy shooting on the NES today. , on the Master System, on the Super Nintendo, PC Drive or even on a good old PC at the time. A retro (gaming) peek, like a mini video game trip to the distant past. Column hosted by Turk182, which we cordially invite you to discover His excellent “Retroblog“.

Mystical, game… graphic!

Hello seniors! In 1991 my Amstrad CPC was about to expire. In fact, I was starting to drool over the PC games my cousin had brought home. Battle Chess, Civilization, 4D Sport Driving, Test Drive, etc… But despite everything, Lord Sugar’s computer didn’t surprise. Such was the case, the day when the same cousin brought me a Mystical, a game he had just bought in England during a school trip.

© Turk182

Like every Friday evening, I’d go, punctually, to my little cousin’s to eat bush spaghetti for his mom, my mom in this case, and play video games all evening. For a while, we left Amstrad aside to devote ourselves to the new features it was getting for its new 1512 computer.

But that evening he really wanted to show me a game he had just got in London, it was mystical. I confessed to him that I didn’t know him, having deliberately deleted the news from my Amstrad in favor of the new Game Gear console. But when I saw the excellent screenshots on the back cover, I agreed to choose it.

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© Turk182

Mystical has the peculiarity of being able to play with two people. One player controls the wizard and the other the golem that accompanies him on his journey. The objective was very simple, you had to guide your character through a continuous vertical scrolling landscape, to destroy or avoid your enemies.

During your journey, you had to collect vials, scrolls, and other things that would help you get rid of these waves of enemies. When you picked up a vial or roll-on, you had the option to use it right away or store it in your pockets for later use. To use these spells nothing could be simpler, either you override them and they are instant, or, if you have stored them before, you just have to select them and press ENTER to activate them.

© Turk182

The spells were really very funny, you can turn your enemies into frogs, trees, snowmen and even triple yourself. It was really fun and divinely well done. In fact, the graphics were great and the animations very smooth.

The game included 4 worlds with different scenery divided into three tables in each world. When you got to the end of the board, there was a pentagram drawn on the floor and you had to wait on it for it to be taken to the next world. I remember it often happened to us that we would no longer have spells and die like idiots while waiting to be teleported.

Finally, this mystic turned out to be an excellent option that I recommend you try if you haven’t already. We spent the evening there and forgot about Simcity, which we promised ourselves to do.

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