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You can now use the GPT-4 conversation engine on Bing from Microsoft

You can now use the GPT-4 conversation engine on Bing from Microsoft

If, like me, you’re on the waiting list for the new artificial intelligence (AI) search engine Bing with GPT-4, you’ll notice that it only took a day or two to get accepted into the list.

This time, Microsoft is going faster (to outdo the web search giant, Google) by announcing the removal of said queue. Everyone can now register and use a chatbot managed by ChatGPT-4.

By registering with the new Bing, access opens immediately after receiving a confirmation email.

If you want to try to access the new Bing, go to, click the Join Queue button and sign in with your Microsoft account. You should get access right away.

Microsoft’s queue change comes just a day after the company confirmed that its Bing AI chatbot was secretly running on GPT-4, OpenAI’s next-generation artificial intelligence language model.

Artificial intelligence in Office products

The removal from the queue also came a day before Microsoft hosts an event where the US giant plans to showcase ChatGPT-like AI additions to its Office productivity software, Teams and more. to Outlook.

Microsoft announced a new AI on Bing last month and opened a queue the same day. The company gradually opened up the waiting list, limiting the number of questions you could ask in each session of the day.

These restrictions are in place to prevent chatbots from engaging in “disorderly” behaviour. Using AI, Bing users can now ask 15 questions per session, up to a maximum of 150 per day.

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