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You bite a human finger hidden in a burger

You bite a human finger hidden in a burger

A young Bolivian woman claims she bit a decomposing human finger while eating a burger at a fast food chain, a shocking discovery she shared on her social media.

“When it was time to eat, I chewed a finger,” Estefani Benitez wrote in a post on her Facebook page, recounting the incident that allegedly occurred at a hot burger restaurant in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on Sunday.

In the photos you shared, we can see what looks like a human finger, reporting New York Post.

I also photographed the young woman when she went to file a complaint with the manager. He was offered an amount as compensation, explaining that the meat was not prepared on site, but the meatballs had already arrived ready to cook.

You bite a human finger hidden in a burger

Facebook: Estefany Benitez

“Nothing like this has ever happened to us before,” the young woman reassured us.

Then a spokesperson for the company gave explanations to the media that showed interest in the case: one of the employees who prepared the meat lost a finger, the information confirmed by the local police.

After the story was published, the Bolivian authorities temporarily closed the business and imposed a fine.

The woman who discovered the finger does not rule out suing the restaurant chain.

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