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Les écoliers de Vergigny (Yonne) ont expérimenté la lampe à Plasma et apprivoisé ses éclairs.

Yonne schoolchildren discover the fascinating world of science at INSPE Auxerre

Science Festival This year highlights the ‘Passion of Discovery’. On this occasion, INSPE, the former teacher training college of Auxerre, hosts several workshops on Saturdays for the whole family: you will be able, for example, to discover what mechanisms play on climate, on an optical illusion, or why nettles are not so bad .

Pupils of icaunais schools have a preview of the science village and workshops sometimes led by students from INSPE in Auxerre © Radio France
Thierry Bolant

It’s magic (Camel)

Schoolchildren in Yeon tested their activities at the preview on Friday. The disciples of CE1 de Vergigny entered the wonderful world of science by observing a plasma lamp: “cIt’s a ball that does a lot of purple stuff, it looks like a laser. And when we put our hands on, well, laser flashes follow your hand” Jordan 7 years. taming this plasma ball light”it’s magic “ Camille adds.

Discover the secrets of gravity
Discover the secrets of gravity © Radio France
Thierry Bolant

Children observed, touched, and suffered. It is the foundation of a good work for their mentor Amélie Carriço: They ask themselves questions“Congratulations to the teacher”It is easier to get into the learning process when they are interested and when they are active. Test, treat: all this will help them learn better.

The Auxerre Science Village is located at 24 rue de Moreau, and is open on Saturday 9 October from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The Auxerre Science Village is located at 24 rue de Moreau, and is open on Saturday 9 October from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. © Radio France
Thierry Bolant

Amazed the children

That’s the whole point of this science festival: spark interest by showing what an extraordinary discipline this can have. “The idea here is to amaze and amaze them. It is a first step towards discovery and towards the desire to practice science,” explains Bruno Hennock, of the Department of Administrative Services for National Education in Yun who is leading this workshop.

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After all, science isn’t rocket science, but as young Camille used to say, it’s still a bit of magic.