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"Yes, I'm a hypocrite" - Sebastian Vettel

“Yes, I’m a hypocrite” – Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel’s stance against Alberta’s oil sands caused a reaction from local politicians, who did not hesitate to stir up the race driver’s hypocrisy. Decal the quadruple world champion agrees to wear.

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Upon arriving at the field on Thursday, Vettel wore a T-shirt with a strong message: “Stop mining oil sands. This is climate crime in Canada.” The county’s energy secretary, Sonia Savage, responded quickly.

“I have seen a lot of hypocrisy over the years, but this time it has to be done. Racing driver [chez] Aston Martin, funded by [la société d’État saoudienne de pétrole] The Conservative MP wrote: Aramco is complaining about the oil sands.

When asked to comment on that response after qualifying, Vettel conceded his activism might seem inappropriate, but finds it a shame that the debate has turned to him rather than the climate crisis.

“That’s right, he admitted on Saturday. I’m a bit disappointed that politicians are taking a personal approach, because it’s not about me, not at all, it’s about the big picture. Yes, I’m a hypocrite to do what I love for a living. We all have different feelings.” This is the way.”

“There are solutions for the future so that we don’t depend on fossil fuels. This is interesting. What is really important is the message: We need to make the change and get rid of fossil fuels.”

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