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Yama in a relationship for the first time

Yama in a relationship for the first time

A few days ago, we called Yama Laurent to hear from him. She had just participated in a show with Corneille on the occasion of the 16th edition of the Haïti en Folie Festival. The singer and composer had many things to tell us, the most important of which was regarding a certain Karl….

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“I have sir!” Let’s know right away Yama Lauren, a voice full of happiness, when one asks about his love life. Cupid shoots a few arrows at the winner of the sixth edition of voice (2018), and one of them hit his target.

When asked how this great happiness came about in her life, Yama Laurent said, “For the first time in my life, I have a gentleman, repeated laughs. I met him in a music studio. His name is Carl Peterson and he is a pianist. In fact, I was working on my demos, and he called him the studio to come and work with me. From that moment on, he convinced me that he was different from other gentlemen, especially my father, and I trusted him. I finally have a man here, in Canada,” another big, sympathetic and infectious laugh began. No doubt Cupid did his job well!

Julian Fougere

When asked how long she has known this sweet love, Yama Laurent immediately responded while realizing something. “I’ve had my master since August 2021. Ah! It will be a year in a few days, August 11th!” We interviewed a few days before this anniversary.

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Yama Laurent and his lover have been living together since January. her first? “Yes, and this is the first time he’s ever been a gentleman,” said the singer. Lover of Yama Laurent, of Haitian descent, father of a five-year-old girl who lives in the Dominican Republic.

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