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Xavi abandons Barça in America and his past catches up with him

Xavi abandons Barça in America and his past catches up with him

FC Barcelona coach will not be able to travel to America with his team. On Barça’s part, we want to resolve this administrative issue as soon as possible.

Barcelona’s delegation leaves for America this Saturday, but there is no sign of Xavi, the Catalan club’s coach, in the group. To explain this absence, FC Barcelona noted ” Administrative reasons », and according to AS, this occurred during the last years of his football and coaching career, when he was under contract with the Qatari club Al Sadd. In fact, the United States simply denied the key a visa, which prohibits entry into the United States outright and simply. The reason for this denial is the former player and coach’s three stays in Iran in the past five years. Xavi made three appearances under the jersey and on the bench for Al Sadd in the Champions League matches held in the Asian region in Iran, which was enough to stop him from getting his visa.

Xavi often wants to know more about Iran, America

Because even if he returned to Barcelona, ​​the coach had to officially justify the reasons for his visit to a country considered an enemy of the United States. That was not done, and the club contented itself with a simple visa application, not realizing the problem that was about to arise. A mistake that Barça will want to correct this weekend, Joan Laporta’s club, North American officials, hope to soon give the Spanish technician the green light so that he can join his players in Miami, and if this is done on Monday . Meanwhile, Barcelona Sports Press notes that Xavi’s two assistants, Sergio Allegre and Oscar Hernandez, will train.

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