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WWE: Match-fixing bets?

It’s almost no secret that wrestling matches are arranged. In spite of everything, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is considering allowing betting on its matches in two US states.

According to NBC, the entertainment company will be looking to Colorado and Michigan to make these bets legal. This decision, as insignificant as it may seem at first glance, would greatly change the work of the wrestlers.

Members of the creative team can reveal to the stars of the show the outcome of their duel only a few hours before this match. For some large-scale battles, knowing the outcome in advance allows some details and reactions to be expected.

If this project continues, it will also be necessary to prevent the public from knowing the outcome in advance. WWE is reportedly working with Ernst & Young to prevent any leaks. The company does the same work at the Academy Awards, Emmys, and more.

It has to be said that some storylines and fights are easy to predict in the world of professional wrestling, but WWE will start with matches at premium category events like WrestleMania. The timing of the use of certain moves or holds can also be part of the offer.

Even if the company makes it available, the betting sites will then have to choose whether to add the odds to their own catalogs. For example, DraftKings has been the official sports betting partner of WWE since 2021.