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Wrecked Players in Al Kindy

Wrecked Players in Al Kindy

Al Kindi does not score, and that is starting to weigh on the spirits of a lot of people … including Gisbury Kotkaniemi and Eric Stahl.

Richard LappeRichard Lappe

The day after the Toronto Maple Leafs hit in the middle of the Bell Center, these two players were the lucky ones chosen to answer questions on Thursday at the Bell Center, after the traditional photo.

One wonders if Kotkaniemi and Staal ended up smiling in front of the camera, because she didn’t smile much during the question period in the afternoon.

In particular, Kotkaniemi admitted that the limitations of the current schedule began to weigh on him.

“It’s difficult, mentally, to play a lot,” the young Finn said in response. It’s a game roughly every two days for two months now, so … we just have to find a way. ”

Stahl: “I was feeling better in five games, but I had to move from the sofa to the arena quickly and it wasn’t easy …”

No, it wasn’t easy, and with this team, nothing is easy whatsoever.

Suffice it to remember here that the Canadian has only scored seven goals in his last four matches, which has caused a lot of people to pull back at the same time.

Kotkaniemi, who could start a Friday night match at the Bell Center to the left of the first streak, goal by Phillip Danault and Josh Anderson, has not scored in his last 16 matches, and his last goal returns to March 30th. Stal has played 14 games for the Canadians since his takeover on March 26th, and has only two goals on the clock.

Photo by David Boiley, press

Eric Stahl has scored only two goals in 14 matches since joining the Canadians.

They aren’t the only ones to wear the shirt these days, of course, but they both represent every bit of the problem. Kotkaniemi is one of those young players who has been most anticipated (Nick Suzuki could be included in this discussion), and Staal represents veterans of the club who were brought here for leadership reasons above all … but they don’t contribute much. – Something on the score sheet.

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Dominique Ducharme, head coach of coach Dominic Ducharme, noted that Kotcanyemi has made progress this season (“for a young player, the hardest is consistency,” he recalls), and that Stahl, who was a little unproductive, still served something.

“I don’t think he can have the same season as he was in his early twenties,” the coach said. But you can see him around the network: He has this experience, these skills to complete the plays. The same goes for Corey Perry … he’s already scored 50 goals. We don’t expect him to be able to do that today, but we do know he can contribute at specific times. ”

While waiting for all of these lovely people to find their bearings, Al Kindi will have to continue managing without some big names, including goalkeeper Carrie Price, who suffered a concussion during a match against Oilers in Edmonton on April 19.

Price has resumed training in the gym and, according to Dominic Ducharme, could return to the ice in the coming days, but when he will return to the game is still unknown.

Thomas Tatar and Paul Byron, they still have to deal with the injuries. “Nothing lasts long, but it doesn’t look good the next two games,” Ducharme admitted.

With all that being said, we could be dealing with some great lines on Friday night when you visit the Winnipeg Jets, including a fourth line made up of Staal, Perry, and Michael Frolik.

The chance that Cole Caufield is there to cut down on life expectancy.

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