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Would lending lip balm be dangerous to your health?

If lending lip balm seems natural and harmless, this gesture is not without health risk. explanations.

There are those who lend themselves to lip balm without any problem, those who flatly refuse and then those who do so reluctantly. This is particularly the case of Kate Middleton who would not have realized that she had “helped” a little polishing her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, a stick that will be at the center of a major row, according to statements by Prince Harry.

But although this practice is common, it is not without health risks. As explained by Dr. Gerald Krzyk, medical director of Doctisimofollowers will expose themselves to many risks. First of all, those of virus transmission, especially in this period of extreme cold when influenza and covid are raging in many French regions. Concretely, it can remain on certain surfaces for long periods of time.

“Theoretically, anything that is transmitted through saliva, such as viruses, could end up in balsam. Even if the flu and Covid virus are mainly transmitted through the respiratory route, it cannot be ruled out,” explained while fixing it Infectious mononucleosis and hepatitis B It can also be transmitted through saliva. On the other hand, for those wondering, HIV is clearly not involved.

Watch out for herpes and staph

People who nibble on lip balm can also transmit herpes or staph if they have it. So, “As soon as the first signs appear, tingling, itching, we no longer give our lip balm. Moreover, we do not use it at all, because the virus will settle in the stick, ”says. he added.

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Also note that it is highly recommended that you change your lipstick very regularly because its sticky texture tends to trap viruses and bacteria. “Sticks do not preserve and quickly become a perfect breeding ground for microbes. So even without lending them, we change them regularly, don’t keep them from season to season, and let them thaw and harden a few times. This is a potential. Culture broth.” He finished.

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