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World of Anterra promises everything RPG fans could want

World of Anterra promises everything RPG fans could want

The indie project World of Anterra has big ambitions: a gigantic open world with an exciting story behind it, an enjoyable combat system and tremendous freedom to play. But first the Kickstarter campaign must be successful.

game world

You should be able to discover islands, countries, and continents in the World of Anterra. There will be no level restrictions for certain regions or locations that will only be available from a certain point in the story.
If you want to get from point A to point B, you don’t have to go very far. Simply zoom out the detailed view and move around the general map. This way you progress faster, but of course you miss all the potential loot and adventures on your way. In theory, you can also explore the whole world in a detailed view.

the story

Whichever direction it takes, the story must be able to adapt to it and be told in a non-linear way. This gives you more freedom, but may also cause the main story to be overlooked, as was the case for many in Skyrim.
The dialogues will also be very different from what we are used to. It will be possible to conduct conversations with each non-playable character, which you yourself can direct in certain directions. You will always ask questions that you can compose yourself from a combination of words and letters. We can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end.


The combat system does not look amazing at first glance. Hit your opponent with a blow until he dies. But the more attacks and spells you learn, the more exciting the game becomes. The way you position yourself, for example, can make the difference between victory and defeat.

It is up to you whether you want to face giant monsters, go on a fairy hunting trip or explore the world by boat. You can also play all of this cooperatively. However, the focus is on the single player experience.

Thanks to the Skyrim system, you can now explore Tamriel together.

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