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World Hockey Championship: Canada is ahead and can thank Germany

World Hockey Championship: Canada is ahead and can thank Germany

Despite losing a penalty shootout to the Finns, Canada will advance to the quarter-finals of the World Hockey Championship in Riga.

Defeated 3 to 2 by forming Northern Europe on Tuesday, the Maple Leaf representatives needed a score in the organizing time between Germany and Latvia at the end of the evening. That’s exactly what happened, as the Germans had the upper hand 2 to 1.

As a result, Canada finished fourth in Group B and will face the Russians in the quarter-finals.

The Canadians could have made it easier by beating Finland, and they were four minutes away. That was before Arttu Ruotsalainen – a double composer – created the equalizer in the third period.

In the breakaway session, three Finnish players scored the goal at the expense of Darcy Comber, while Brandon Perry, who also scored early in the game, was the only Canadian to score.

Goalkeeper Josie Olkenora has managed 32 pucks, three times more than Quimper.

Quebec Maxime Comtoa also made the red light twinkle in the second period.

Latvia disappointment

Hopes were high in the Latvian clan, who remarkably started the preliminary round with a victory over the Canadians. And in today’s duel, only one point was necessary to continue the journey.

However, the Germans hit a big hit quickly with two goals in the first seven minutes of play, with John Petrka and Marcel Knoebbels outpacing smart goalkeeper Janis Kalenns, and Bob Hartley’s side never managed to match, then equalize.

The Latvians tried 24 shots anyway, but Matthias Niederberger stopped them all except for Rodrigo Apolles.

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Thus, Germany ranked third and met Switzerland in the quarter-finals. Russia, who defeated Belarus 6-0, took the lead in Group A, while the United States did the same in Group B with a 4-2 victory over Italy. They will cross swords with Slovaks.

Finally, Finland and the Czech Republic will face off in the other quarter. All four matches will be played on Thursday.