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World Cup 2023: USA picks up qualification option with win in Chile

World Cup 2023: USA picks up qualification option with win in Chile

After Argentina and Uruguay, who is the third qualifier from the Americas zone for the 2023 World Cup? The ticket was played in the return match between Chile, who were aiming for their first World Cup qualification, and the United States, who had participated in all editions except 1995. The winner will find himself in the pool of England. , Argentina, Japan and Samoa.

In Chile, the Americans earned the option to qualify after winning the first leg in Santiago (21-22) from Saturday to Sunday. Already leading by a point at half-time (6-7), the USA scored two more tries in the second term from Joe Dowfetti (6-12, 45th) and Biffeletti, hampered by persistent rain. (14-22, 75th).

Return match on 16th July

The Chileans responded each time with efforts from Rodrigo Fernandez (51st) and Videla at the end (21-22, 80th). To qualify, they must now achieve this feat in the return match next weekend in Denver.

Failure to do so would give Chile one last chance to qualify for the 2023 World Cup with the last ticket in a tournament in November, which will also feature the African Cup of Nations finalist (Namibia-Kenya this Sunday at 9pm) and the Asia/Pacific play-off (Hong Kong or Tonga) final. And Portugal were the last to apply from the Europe zone after Spain were disqualified for playing as an ineligible player.