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World Cup 2021 - Australia beat New Zealand to retain world title - Rugby League

World Cup 2021 – Australia beat New Zealand to retain world title – Rugby League

Australia won their third consecutive World Cup title with an easy 54-4 win over New Zealand.

After a very tight group match we were expecting a very high level final but the Jillaroos got into the game very well and scored at their first opportunity. Jessica Sergis countered with two tackles to score on the right. Ali Brickinshaw converted it and the score was already 6-0. Kiwi ferns try to react but make many mistakes.

Australia take the opportunity to double the lead, with Isabelle Kelly on the end of a brilliant drive to make the score worse. Change does not pass. A big chance for the New Zealanders who close the score but fall short. The Australians are surgical and leave nothing to their opponent. Julia Robinson scored the third try but missed the conversion, 14-0.

The Kiwi Ferns are often at fault, with Isabelle Kelly again found on the left flank and has already scored her team’s fourth try against two opponents. Nothing was scored and Australia led 20-0 at the break and took a big step towards the World Champions title.

Three pass to Australia

Minutes after returning from the locker room, the Jillaroos are on the move. In a stunning inside turnover, Emma Donegato marks her team’s fifth try. It was edited by Lauren Brown. In the process, Jessica Serkis is also seen in an insider’s return and scores again. It was converted and the score was 32-0 already under 30 minutes. The New Zealanders are stifling, and the scoring is starting to get very heavy. Taryn Aiken, one of the best Australians in the tournament, was rewarded with a try. It’s still being replaced by Lauren Brown and we’re getting close to 40 points. Maddison Bartlett saved the honor after an hour, scoring in the corner to make it 38-4.

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Australians are stepping up and finding solutions. Kennedy Cherrington hit hard despite three defenders at his back. That has changed and the Zillaroos are already making strides. It’s all going too fast for the Kiwi Ferns again, with Kennedy Cherrington scoring his second individual try after a brilliant combination move, 50-4. Evania Belite, the 2016 Olympic champion, scored in a corner after beating several opponents. It was the final points of the tournament and Australia won their third consecutive World Championship title. Win against New Zealand by 54 for 4.

The world is thirteen