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WORLD: Canada is winning its second in a row, this time against Kazakhstan

WORLD: Canada is winning its second in a row, this time against Kazakhstan

Canada recorded their second successive victory on Friday, this time over Kazakhstan, 4-2.

After suffering a defeat in its first three matches in the tournament, Canada was finally able to collect some points in the standings, after beating Norway on Wednesday, which was added to it by Friday’s victory.

Andrew Mangiapan made his debut for the power game in the first period. He took advantage of the traffic jam in front of the net to pick up a loose goblin and score his second goal in the tournament.

From the first moments of the second half, Captain Adam Henrique, who was well placed in front of the net, was able to deftly deflect the shot off Owen Bauer’s blue line to narrow the gap.

Then Canada was surprised by two goals from Nikita Michaelis. He closed the gap at the start a few minutes after Henrique scored with a good shot from his wrist.

In the first 3 minutese The engagement, Michaelis again used his wrist shot to add a second goal and tied the match.

In the middle of the period, Cole Perfetti scored his first goal of the tournament with an excellent wrist shot to restore the lead for Canada.

Connor Brown completed the scoring in a blank net to secure Canada’s victory.

Darcy Cumber saved 26 times in the win.

Canada will return to work on Sunday in a duel against Italy. The team will then complete the group stage in 1he is June against Finland.

Canada ranks 6e Group B ranking with six points. Kazakhstan, for its part, ranks fourth in the group.

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