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"Women's bodies do not belong to judges."

“Women’s bodies do not belong to judges.”

The US Supreme Court is about to pass a ruling restricting abortion by allowing states to legislate on the issue.

Do you think the debate will spread to Canada? The question posed on the Quebec-Matin Facebook page elicited many reactions.

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“Our parliamentary political system and socio-democratic national values ​​set us apart from our neighbors to the south and mean that the debate fueled by right-wing religious extremists in the southern United States is unlikely to cross north of the border. On the other hand, it is necessary to evaluate my observations, because there is a very active religious right in western Canada which is likely to attempt to bring the debate back to Canadian territory.—Jean-Luc

Watch TVA Nouvelles’ explanations:

“In order to invalidate the right to abortion in Canada, the government must propose a law that must be passed by Parliament and the Senate. We are not there. On the other hand, nothing is obtained. We always have to be on our toes.” -jeans

Women’s bodies are not the property of judges, courts, or people who think they can do anything. It annoys me so bad.” -French Guiana-Elise

Listen to Dutrizac Dumont’s interview on QUB Radio:

“It’s a very personal decision and the authorities have no interest in deciding what a woman should do with her body.” Michelin

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“It only concerns the pregnant woman. It is not for us to decide, nor for the government!” Philip

“That’s why you have to keep religion out of politics.” -Jocelyn

“The Supreme Court and men should have no say in what goes on inside a woman’s body.” – Marc Andre

“Women have fought so hard to make abortion legal. It would be a shame to go back to square one.” -Lura

Hear the interview with Jessica Legault, coordinator at the Quebec Federation of Planned Births: