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Eszter Dudas, une post-doctorante de l'institut de physique de Rennes, a reçu le prix Jeune Talent pour les femmes et la science de l'UNESCO et la fondation L'Oréal.

Woman from Rennes, Eszter Dudás, winner of the Young Talent for Women in Science Award

Eszter Dudás is 29 years old, a prominent multilingual athlete and brilliant scientist. This Thursday, October 7th, I got Young Talent Award for Women and Science, from UNESCO and the L’Oréal Foundation. The reward for his work makes it possible.”Better understanding of the origin of the formation of exoplanets‘, that is, the planets outside the solar system, explains Eszter Dudás.

Originally from Budapest in Hungary, she moved to Rennes for her Ph.D. in his astrophysics lab.The number of women is much less than the number of men‘, explains the scientist. Because it’s in France His specialty remains very masculineA difference that astonished her with her country of origin. “However, in my 20 years, patriotic, I have never wondered whether or not it was strange to be a woman with an engineering degree. No one in my family was surprised when I said I wanted to study mechanical engineering. “

Training to “break the glass ceiling”

The Young Talents of Women in Science Award will enable her to receive a research grant of €15,000. But she also took a “driving training program”, for example More easy to break the glass ceiling According to the organizers. It was also an opportunity for Esther Dudas to become more aware of inequalities. “When I learned that among the Nobel laureates in science, only 3% are women, I was very shocked. I thought to myself that something was wrong.

This award should also highlight the backgrounds of these young scientists. NS Encouraging young girls To embark on cycles that are known to be highly masculine. “I don’t see the difference in the level of skill we need. It’s just an idea in the minds of young people‘,” Eszter Dudás explained.

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