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Wolves will be for move

Wolves will be for sale…to move

The Arizona Coyotes are said to be up for sale again and potential buyers may move the club to Houston, Texas.

This is what the famous “Forbes” magazine said, Thursday, quoting a banking source. However, the Coyotes family strongly denied it in a statement issued to the media.

“This is wrong, completely wrong. We are not selling. We are not moving. Wolves are 100% determined to play in Arizona,” the organization said.

The future of wolves in the Phoenix area has often been called into question in recent years, but Commissioner Gary Pittman tried to smooth things over last August by saying he was “not worried” about it.

After the city of Glendale announced that it would end its partnership with Wolves at the end of the current season, Wolves have reportedly submitted a plan to build a new arena in Tempe, near Phoenix.

However, no such announcement has been made, but the Coyotes will still have to find a grandstand where they can play their matches starting in the 2022-2023 season.

Clearly, this new information pointing to a possible move to Houston is not without surprising many fans from Quebec who are dreaming of a possible return to the Nordic family.

During the month of November, Quebec Premier François Legault himself re-ignited the flame by addressing the topic on various occasions and also commissioned Finance Minister Eric Girard on the Nordic case. The latter, for his part, stated that he intends to meet with the National Hockey League to return the club to Quebec, once the financial conditions of the province are stabilized.

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Meanwhile, in Houston, entrepreneur Tilman Fertita was the one who in the past showed a desire to bring a second team to Texas, where the Dallas Stars already play.

Currently, Alex Meruelo remains the largest owner of Coyotes after its acquisition in 2019. He has repeatedly stated his intention to maintain the organization in the Phoenix region.

The Greater Houston area is currently the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States with over 7,100,000 people enumerated in the 2020 census. Phoenix is ​​11th in that regard, with 4.8 million people.