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Within the royal family, Camila is brilliant

Within the royal family, Camila is brilliant



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Forty years ago, Prince Charles married the young Diana Spencer. But today, Camila Shand, his wife and ex-mistress are struggling to find a place in the hearts of the British, but are very close to the royal family.

For a long time, Camila Shand was the “mistress” of Prince Charles, which often appeared on the front pages of newspapers. The Prince of Wales’ first love was not far from the royal couple, and Princess Diana admits that there were always three people at her wedding. Camila former Parker Bowles has long been guilty of this pairing, which from the outside looks like a fairy tale and we know it doesn’t exist now. “The British have always been on Diana’s side“, Says Richard Fitzwilliams, an expert on the royal family.

Camila married her prince in 2005 with the blessings of the Queen and the Anglican Church. She made no mistake as a less important person and Cornwall’s princess, but her reputation was never taken lightly. “Customers ask for an item with a portrait of Diana, William or the QueenSays the manager of a souvenir shop in London. But if Charles ascends the throne one day she will have no problem becoming queen.