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Within a week, Neuchâtel became the capital of chocolate -

Within a week, Neuchâtel became the capital of chocolate –

Since this Saturday, Neuchâtel has once again become the chocolate capital for a week. Presents the eighth edition of the Chocolatissimo Festival, which is based on the theme “And what about the flavours?” , Many activities and tastings around chocolate.

The program includes creations, exhibitions of the trainees’ pastry works, shows for young and old, and tastings until November 13. The audience will be able to vote for the most beautiful work of novice confectioners, who will present about thirty chocolate bars assembled on the theme of comics.

Visitors will also be able to create new tasting experiences with beer and chocolate, offered by the Brasserie de Tonio Joyo in Landeron. They can learn how to decorate hot drinks (latte art) or how to make chocolate eclairs by young chef Christophe Lovell.

Performances on the theme of chocolate will be discovered in the theaters of Pommier and Passage and a rally in the city center will be presented on the Chocolatissimo app. For children, in the program there are creative workshops and a duet show of the clown.

covid certificate

Three chocolate bars with original flavors were created for the occasion by ten cantonal confectioners, the event partners: dark strawberry basil, macadamia coconut milk and white chocolate with mint caramel. Artist Alex Sparga laminated the paintings.

Last year the demonstration had to cancel almost everything in the week from the start due to the second wave of Covid. For the 2021 edition, visitors, who will receive a Covid certificate, will receive a bracelet to move around freely but will not have to wear a mask. Because of the health card, organizers expect it will not match the influx of 10,000 people registered in 2019.

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