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Within 48 hours, it will be known if Raphael Varane will start against Australia

Within 48 hours, it will be known if Raphael Varane will start against Australia

During his first press conference in Clairefontaine on Monday, Dier Deschamps had set a first deadline for Raphaël Varane on Thursday. “He is in his protocol. He emphasized his athleticism. He touched the ball. He still has steps to take until Thursday. He is fine. He has morale and good feelings. It is said that he will be on the field in the first game. »

There is still ambition to see the 29-year-old defender against Australia on Tuesday. But on Thursday, the France vice-captain was unable to make the first joint session at the Al-Saad stadium in Doha. A simple delay, we are sure of the entourage of the French team, while the defender was injured almost four weeks ago.

Do at least one full session on Friday or Saturday

Along with Karim Benzema, Raphael Varane has increased his workload again. Both men extended their high-intensity runs and changed direction mid-race for half an hour. On the field, Varane is still unable to activate his hamstring to 100% capacity. But these particular exercises, in keeping with good feelings, confirmed an important stage in the Frenchman’s return. This must now be confirmed by doing at least one full training session with its partners on Friday or Saturday. It is only on this condition that the Mancunian can be considered fit to enter the Blues’ run at the competition, so there is hope of starting on Tuesday.

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Around the 2018 World Champions, like the staff of the France team, we have remained cautious but optimistic in recent hours, even if time is still tight. A tendency regarding the guardian’s records.

Privately, Raphael Varane has said in recent days that he has less and less fear. It is also worth noting how the former Madrid’s hamstring will react to more intense training, if the passing times over the two days are respected. His teammates worked on the field for almost two hours on Thursday, at a critical pace. Raphael Varane will no doubt start against Australia on Tuesday if the medical staff declares him fit.