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With TikTok, China is on top of the most downloaded apps in 2021 (see list) – La Nouvelle Tribune

the China Not only a leader on the political level but also in the field of applications. In fact, the Chinese social network tik tok It is the most downloaded app of the year 2021, ahead of social networks Instagram And Facebook social networking site. The arrangement was determined by the American company atopia.

Most visited site in front of Google

The latter confirmed that tik tok He retains his place in the first row as in 2020. tik tok It also confirmed its first site, to become during this year the most visited site, ahead of the famous search engine google browser. To say the least, the number of downloads from the Chinese social network is enormous. It has already exceeded 656 million downloads Instagram And Facebook social networking site which were downloaded respectively 545 million and 416 million. This follows the top 3 most downloaded apps in 2021 cable With 329 million downloads, snap chat (327 million), messenger (268 million), capcote (255 million) and spotify (203 million).

As a reminder, this year’s ranking saw the disappearance of the instant messaging app for dead (formerly Facebook), The WhatsApp. Indeed, in 2020, the latter took second place in the ranking with 600 million downloads. However, in 2021, it ranked fourth with a loss of nearly half with 395 million downloads.

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