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With Talpad, the elevator becomes an advertising space

With Talpad, the elevator becomes an advertising space

Lyon-based startup Talpad provides useful information to users during their journey. Six ten-second dots are displayed on the screens.

The name Talpad comes from the word “Talpa” which means chameleon in Latin, “The only animal that blends in with its environment and enjoys 360-degree vision”, And “ad,” short for “Advertising,” explains startup founder Gaëtan Héritier. Talpad is an advertising agency that installs and operates connected displays in elevator cabins in apartment buildings and triplexes. Local and targeted advertisements are broadcast on these screens as well as information about the building (next public meeting, next neighbor’s party, babysitting proposal, etc.). “For four years I worked for an elevator company where I focused on improving the profitability of elevator maintenance contracts. One morning, as I left my house, I came face to face with a billboard on the street: It’s

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