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With iOS 14.5, nearly 90% of iPhone users are refusing to collect data

With iOS 14.5, nearly 90% of iPhone users are refusing to collect data

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This is a survey that should scare app developers more than the one just dropped, which announces that the vast majority of people will block tracking with Apple’s new iOS 14.5 release!

This is a question that we have been asking ourselves for several months. With an Apple Ensure that iPhone users’ personal data is protected, with the help of new tools deployed Marking iOS 14.5 releaseHow will the audience react? Screened traffic by actors like Facebook, which is one of the largest consumers of personal data, allowing them to sell ads. This fear, which has driven Mark Zuckerberg’s company into controversy, does not seem unfounded if the results of this survey are to be believed.

Flurry survey result

Actually, selon Flurry Analytics, qui a effectué son enquête aupres de 5,3 millions d’utilisateurs actifs quotidien a travers le monde, seuls 12% du public autoriserait le, soit 88% de personnes saisissant l’occasion proposée par Apple pour mettre fin à This application. An even more egregious number in some specific markets, such as the United States, where there would simply be 96% of respondents (2.5 million individuals) who would refuse to track and collect personal data. Which leads to severe disturbance in the sector, As already predicted by Facebook and Instagram ?

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