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Winnipeg Jets forward Kayden Primo and Jayden Strobel spoke yesterday at Laval…

– Kayden Primo was talked about by the Winnipeg Jets yesterday at Laval…

– The Jets sent two scouts to monitor this crucial game in the playoff race.

Primo played a full game…

– Jaden Strobel was also very solid….

– interesting….

— while Strobel was reportedly offered Kent Hogg as a left-handed defensive option for the Jets.

– But it seems that the latter prefers the path of Jordan Harris at the present time ..

— however, Primeau could really be a factor in the deal.

– Everyone was wondering what the third element could accompany Harris and the first-round pick belonging to the Panthers.

– Could this be Primeau’s third item?


– If we look at the planes, we see Primeau as a fourth BONUS item…

– but not as a third element that completes the transaction.

– One thing’s for sure.

– Primo’s future is not in Montreal.

Winnipeg would be the perfect scenario for him.

— especially with Conor Hellbwick leaving the Jets in the summer of 2024.

The signs don’t lie.

The planes have been spying on the missile since the beginning of the year.

There is no smoke without fire…

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