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Wing reaches a milestone in its development

Wing reaches a milestone in its development

In AustraliaSubsidiaryletters Special distribution By drone, the wing, announced an unprecedented partnership with food delivery company DoorDash. The collaboration could be a turning point for Google’s sister company. Explanations.

Wing drones will deliver items ordered through DoorDash

If delivery by drone is slow and experiences difficulties, etc The failure of Amazon’s Prime Air, Alphabet Wing continues its way. became The first company to operate In 2019 commercial drone deliveries in the US, it also works In Australia As well as in Finland.

Now a ” A small number of families “in” Some suburbs In the town of Logan, near Brisbane, Dordash can be purchased with wing drones. While ordering, users will have the option to select the option “”. Dordash Air », allowing delivery in a maximum of 15 minutes.

For now, this option is still limited, with wing planes only able to carry 1.1 kilograms of cargo. These distributions are worrying.” A variety of convenience and grocery items, pantry staples, snacks and home essentials », explains DoorDash A press release.

First for Wing

This is not Wing’s first partnership in Australia; The company actually exists Related to Coles, one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, last March. However, its collaboration with DoorDash allows it to enter a new phase in its development.

We’ve been working on this integration to access Wing’s delivery service through third-party apps for some time, and we’re excited to be testing it for the first time with DoorDash in Australia. This is another step in our efforts to build a more integrated and rapidly scalable drone delivery service. “, explains the company A blog post. DoorDash used Wing’s new programming interface; Until now, the Wing Delivery app was the primary way for customers to order and receive items via the company’s drones.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in consumer demand for fast, contactless delivery options, as people now expect quick access to food, medicine and convenience items. While Wing has traditionally provided delivery services directly to residential and commercial customers, to further accelerate the development of our technology, we will work with marketplaces and logistics partners to expand their delivery options and make rapid drone delivery affordable and sustainable for them and their customers. Simon Rossi, president of Wing Australia, says:

250,000 commercial deliveries were made

Not surprisingly, Wing Australia was chosen for this pilot project. This is one of its favorite markets where the company often tests new concepts. For example, she flies drones From the roofs of some shops in the country.

In total, Wing has made over 250,000 commercial drone deliveries, and its 2022 year has been very successful. In addition to getting started in Dallas In Texas, he also announced that he was coming to Ireland.